Care Model Redesign


To survive and succeed in a value-based world, you need to deliver the proper care at the right setting, cost, and time, and with your patient in mind. For most, this means redesigning your care model with a focus on care coordination and patient care quality, particularly to support new payment and care models such as bundled payment, shared savings, and clinical integration.

So, what is your ideal patient experience? Or rather, what is your patient’s ideal experience in your practice? At Netrin Health, our team members can help create a vision for your ideal practice from the perspective of your patient and perform gap analyses to identify what is needed to achieve that vision. And, most importantly, we develop action plans to execute the new patient care model.

Netrin Health Clinical Experts can help:

  • Conduct educational sessions on emerging care delivery models
  • Facilitate sessions to articulate your ideal vision for your practice
  • Evaluate the applicability of new care modalities such as care teams, medical home, group visits, e-visits, home visits, mobile health, and home monitoring
  • Prepare a financial impact analysis given changes in staffing, technology utilization, payer relationships, facility needs, and scope of service
  • Design a detailed implementation plan, including required training, recruiting, compensation plan retooling, and other resource needs
  • Facilitate implementation of the new delivery model, with change management in mind to ensure “stickiness” of the new model
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